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Jed much once again use his cunning to dispel all those old zombie myths! I think the author has created a fun world and a fantastically spirited main character who readers of all ages will love. About the Author. Purchase Links:.

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TBD IndieBound. Posted in book tour , books , free , Giveaway , reading , review. Or check them out on Google Play! My kindergartener loved this app! I can see that this version will be good for him to review what he is already currently learning, but we will also play with the first grade version for a challenge.

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I may be pushing 30, but I have to admit I am a One Direction fan! I went to their tour in New Orleans and had a great time. I may not be their target audience for this product, but I was happy to review the new Limited Edition Makeup by One Direction kit, out just in time for the holiday season! You can get the tins decorated with each of the five guys on it!

The inside of the tin is fun and funky. It even shows you a little about what eye shades to apply where.

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Here is the makeup itself. Something cute about this set is that each makeup item and color is named after a One Direction song the fans will easily recognize! First, let me say, the brushes for eye shadow and lip color that come with this kit are not good at all. If you have any brushes that are part of a bigger makeup brush set, please use those when applying instead.

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But, for the sake of simplicity, I used the ones included. I love Nobody Compares, and I think it will be a nice shade to wear to holiday parties with shimmery dresses. Summer Love is my fave out of this set. I would combine it with the dark eyeliner to make a smoky eye. I really like Stole My Heart and could see myself wearing it year round. The lip top coat has a lot of silver glitter in it, but I had a hard time getting it to show up in a photo. The eyeliner is a basic black color, really.

Once again, super vibrant colors here. I liked Irresistible. Here is a photo of me wearing Irresistible with the Over Again top coat:. The boys seemed to have had a hand in making this kit, and no doubt it will be flying off the shelves for tons of teen girls this Christmas! As an older makeup wearer, some of the colors are just not pigmented enough for me, but I will wear a few. Posted in product review. On the Ides of March, a tragedy thrusts him into a new world forever rocked by that fateful day. The next three frenetic years of high school are a lifeline for Gene as unbreakable as the fidelity of his friendships with five basketball teammates; most of all Reuben, his best friend since before kindergarten, whose lifeline at times turns into the rope for a tug-of-war between fate and will, testing their classically loyal friendship.

Took the steady, expected path of the more staid strivers college, law degree, career, wife and 2 boys.

Mysteriously to most and some would say, foolishly , I abruptly shifted direction into this writing project while always trying to stay true to myself. Not an easy one to describe—maybe it will come out in some future piece. Lacking the musical chops for song-writing, it was the writing of novels or screenplays that I knew I would one day try to tackle. Following up on my prior response, anything that stays with you in a meaningful way. My wife.

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My sons. Some movies and well-written dramatic television. Great books. My imagination. My book is a lot of things—different things to different people. And it was designed to be that.

Riordan-Like Hindu Mythology Adventure Series!

Everyone seems to want a pitch or tagline that encapsulates what took more than pages to write. Set in the late Sixties, it is an homage to a unique time—historically and culturally. The writing and the learning was enjoyable. So, to me, the difficult part is getting the book out there. Far and away, the hardest part is the business end of things. Nothing superstitious or even comforting out of habit. Mostly what I need is the environment and resources to transport me into the world I am writing about. In the instance of Catch Us If You Can, music from the era had an uncanny ability to take me back and feel—not just remember or imagine, but truly feel—what it felt like.

To the extent that I know myself or have learned things about myself in the writing process , all my characters have some part of me in them. Of course, some more so than others. I am sure this happens to authors of fiction all the time—a guessing game of who in real life is portrayed fictionally in the novel. There is a veritable secondary marketplace for literary criticism and even books devoted to such conjecture, so much so that I am sure there is an element of intentional guile on the part of some authors.

But let me go on record as saying I am not yet that crafty. I have already started work on 2 novels, yet unsure which one will take off first. One is a mystery surrounding the disappearance of a wife in an otherwise enviously happy family, whose teen children have to reconcile what happens when their father is the prime suspect in her murder.

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The other, a saga of a man permanently scarred by a lost high school romance, whose unmoored life through five decades and across the country, shockingly takes root when an unknown daughter shows up. Writing is a craft that I believe is always being honed, that is solitary and lonely and takes a lot of discipline and work and a thick skin—not necessarily something to fall in love with.

He spent over 30 years of his life in Orange County, California with his wife and two children and now retired resides in Maui with his wife. He is an avid basketball enthusiast —from playing it, to coaching it, to the study of its history and evolution as a game. Feinstein is having the time of his life writing and creating stories that connect and resonate with a broad audience and hopes to one day crossover his books to film.

Visit him on his website at www.

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