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We did the same and about that time the weather started to get much worse. It was snowing heavily and going down the steep track was tricky. We were roped all together - Vesna going as first, I was in the middle and our Spanish friend I have trouble remembering names was last. Suddenly I heard a strange noise and out of the corner of my eye I saw him sliding down the steep slope; I instantly screamed to Vesna to get down and drive her ice axe as fast as she could into the snow as I did the same; after two or three seconds there was a small jerk on the rope but it stopped at that point.

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It all happened so quickly but luckily the slope was not so steep and the ice was not that frozen so the fall was stopped without any bigger consequences. Needless to say, after this incident he was most grateful to us for accepting him in the party! The weather was getting worse and worse and when we came down in the valley we felt a very strong wind that almost ripped off our tent… With great difficulty we packed the tent, packed everything in our backpacks and headed towards the telepherique.

There were no tourists there now - only us and a few other climbers. As we arrived in Chamonix the weather was partly cloudy and it looked like there was a storm approaching from the surrounding mountains.

We decided to stay here one more day and after that departed towards Alagna, Italy…. Skip to main content. Founded by Sri Chinmoy in , the Marathon Team is one of the world's largest organisers of endurance events. Our members Meet our team! Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team Founder. Valee Blanche By Anonymous. We wanted to do it the next day and we also wanted to climb up on Mont Blanc du Tacul m over its normal NW Face route. In the distance I could see black spots moving on the Face and I could follow them and see the line where they were going, and about the ridge — I saw climbers when we were going down from the tunnels towards the Valee Bl anche….

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Jack Kerouac. How to Have Courage, Calmness and Confidence. Paramhansa Yogananda. The Dhammapada. The Religion Of The Sikhs. Dorothy Field.

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Paul Carus. As a Man Thinketh. Timeless Wisdom. Eknath Easwaran. Shri Purohit Swami. The Garuda Purana. Ernest Wood. Chanakya niti. Chetan Bisariya. Above Lifes Turmoil. Dwight Goddard. The Crest-Jewel Of Wisdom. Charles Johnston. Kali The Mother.

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Sister Nivedita. Gita According to Gandhi. Sadhana: the Realisation of Life. Rabindranath Tagore. Chitra A Play in One Act. The Life Of Buddha. Myanmar has become known in recent history as a place of political unrest, but there is another side to the country which does not receive nearly as much media attention. In Myanmar, Buddhism and gold are closely related.

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Legend has it that over 2, years ago the Buddha gifted 8 hairs from his head to Burmese royalty, who enshrined each hair and constructed pagodas Buddhist temples over the sacred sites. Many of these pagodas are gold painted, and in some places encrusted with diamonds. Around it lie hundreds of shrines and Buddha statues of almost all imaginable shapes, materials and postures.

Each one tries, in their own way, to capture that exalted state of enlightenment or nirvana which the Buddha is said to embody. Our small group of performers visited Yangon, Mandalay and that eighth wonder of the world, Bagan, where scores of thousand year old shrines litter the parched landscapes and inspire a sense of reverence and wonder.

In these often dusty and dilapidated towns and cities, spirituality is flourishing and Buddhism is deeply ingrained into the everyday lives of the people. There is a simplicity, sweetness and charm to everything. The relative isolation of Myanmar from the West has protected it to some extent from materialism, consumerism and complexity. There is a contentment here not found in our Western cities, and a living spirituality of a kind I have never seen elsewhere.

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  6. It is a remarkable country. Our small multi-national group were welcomed in over fifteen places of meditation, where people gather to chant and to sit before their favorite shrines. Monitoring our progress The Northern Forest The Mersey Forest at 25 Support us News Things to do Walks, bike rides and more Join a community group Public events Support us Get our enewsletter Learn green skills Children's woodland activities Geocaching in The Mersey Forest Walk in the Woods Month Mindfulness in woodlands Our work Empowering communities Economic growth Timber and bioenergy Wildlife Climate change Water management Recreation and sustainable travel Health and well-being Play and education Culture and landscape Green infrastructure planning Learning, training and jobs Support we offer Funding and resources for communities Woodland advice and grants for landowners Support for researchers and students Professional events Jobs Services Our consultancy services Corporate social responsibility Mindfulness in forests for organisations GI-Val Library.

    Search terms. Clear search. News Get our RSS feed. An innovative giant living wall, part of a global effort to increase green space in city centres, has been approved by Liverpool City Council.

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    She's studying urban agriculture and urban forestry and recently joined The Mersey Forest as an intern. This summer, as part of my studies, I did an internship at The Mersey Forest. I chose to go to England because I thought that going to a foreign country would be rewarding to discover other people's perspectives on the issue of urban greening. In some peoples' minds, CSR can just mean a volunteering day for employees, it is in fact a much wider approach. It consists of the voluntary integration of companies' social and ecological concerns into their business activities and their relationships with their stakeholder.

    In recent years, CSR has become increasingly important in organisations, and this approach fits perfectly into the Year of the Environment. Therefore, I looked at how The Mersey Forest offices worked and tried to implement fast and easy actions that might benefit social, economic and environmental factors.