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Chicone and M. Phase-locked loops, demodulation, and averaging approximation time-scale extensions J. Appl Dyn. Averaging and deterministic optimal control. Control Optim. The renormalized two-scale method. C 1 approximation of vector fields based on the renormalization group method J. Extension and unification of singular perturbation methods for ODEs based on the renormalization group method J.

1.8.1 Asymptotic Notations Big Oh - Omega - Theta #1

Reduction of weakly nonlinear parabolic partial differential equations. B , Erratum: Phys. Chin and R. A hybrid asymptotic-finite element method for stiff two-point boundary value problems. Christ and A. Chu and C. On slowly-varying Stokes waves. Fluid Mech. Chow and J.

A Distributional Approach to Asymptotics : Theory and Applications

Integral averaging and bifurcation. Differential Equat 26 1 : Carles, N. Mauser, and H. Semi classical limit of the Hartree equation with harmonic potential.

A Distributional Approach to Asymptotics : Ricardo Estrada :

The approximate decomposition of exponential order of slow-fast motions in multifrequency systems. Differential Equat 2 Casas, J. Oteo, and J.

Unitary transformations depending on a small parameter. Asymptotics and Borel Summability. Multiple time scale formalism and its application to long water waves. Canonical transformations depending on a small parameter.

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Celestial Mech. Dumas, J. Ellison, and M. First-order averaging principles for maps with applications to accelerator beam dynamics J. Dumas, F. Golse, and P. Multiphase averaging for generalized flows on manifolds.

Ergodic Theor. DeVille, A. Harkin, M. Holzer, K. Analysis of a renormalization group method and normal form theory for perturbed ordinary differential equations. Deift, A. Its, and X.

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A Riemann-Hilbert approach to asymptotic problems arising in the theory of random matrix models, and also in the theory of integrable statistical mechanics. Annals Math. Dolgopyat and L. Averaging of incompressible flows on two-dimensional surfaces. Doelman, A. Koenderink, and L. Quasi-periodically forced nonlinear Helmholtz oscillators. Dobrokhotov and D. On various averaging methods for a nonlinear oscillator with slow time-dependent potential and a nonconservative perturbation. Dodson, B. Rynne, and J. Dumortier and B. Transition time analysis in singularly perturbed boundary value problems.

Dai and F. Asymptotic bifurcation solutions for compressions of a clamped nonlinearly elastic rectangle: transition region and barrelling to a corner-like profile. Matched Asymptotic Expansions and Singular Perturbations. Matching principles and composite expansions. Notes Math. Asymptotic Analysis of Singular Perturbations.

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Fundamental concepts of matching. Eckhaus and E. Asymptotic solutions of singular perturbation problems for linear differential equations of elliptic type. Theory and Applications of Singular Perturbations. An alternative example of the method of multiple scales.

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Estrada and R. A distributional theory for asymptotic expansions. R Soc. London A Ermentrout and N. Multiple pulse interactions and averaging in systems of coupled neural oscillators. A distributional approach to the boundary layer theory. Asymptotic Expansions. Ellison, A. Improved N-th order averaging theory for periodic systems.