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Everyone here is driven to achieve. And our careers provide that most immediate evidence of achievement. We close a sale. We ship a product.

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We finish a presentation. We close a deal. We get promoted. We get paid. And our careers provide very tangible, immediate achievement. In fact, on a day-to-day basis, our children misbehave over and over again. Christensen then goes on to share how maximizing the short-term over the long-term relates to his widely known theory on disruptive innovation :. And the reason why they have such a short time horizon is that they are run by people like you and I [people focused on achievement].

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Here are a few examples…. The leading causes of early death in the United States are linked to poor lifestyle. No one plans to lead a life of chronic stress, but taking time for play or renewal can feel like a waste of time.

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So, how do we change from thinking short-term to thinking long-term and reaping the benefits of the latter as a result? The solution lies within understanding a key principle, compound time, something that successful people like Warren Buffett, Oprah, Ray Dalio, Einstein, and Thomas Edison use. Examples of the compound time activities that I highlight include: reading , experimentation , walking, napping, journaling, and conversation partners.

Interestingly, many of the most successful people throughout time have heavily invested in these compound time activities.

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Many of the most successful entrepreneurs follow the 5-hour rule and spend at least 5 hours per week learning. Einstein famously went back-and-forth between thinking through difficult physics problems and playing the violin. Self-made billionaire Ray Dalio, the manager of the largest hedge fund in the world, beautifully explains the power of compound time in his new book, Principles :. This is because first-order consequences often have opposite desirabilities from second-order consequences, resulting in big mistakes in decision making. For example, the first-order consequences of exercise pain and time spent are commonly considered undesirable, while the second-order consequences better health and more attractive appearance are desirable.

Similarly, food that tastes good is often bad for you and vice versa. Quite often the first-order consequences are the temptations that cost us what we really want, and sometimes they are the barriers that stand in our way. By contrast, people who choose what they really want, and avoid the temptations and get over the pains that drive them away from what they really want, are much more likely to have successful lives.

Bottom line: by understanding and using the power of compound time, we can increase the odds of living a life without regret. We humans evolved to think short-term about food and sex. In my experience, the best way to make time for compound time is to make it sacred and non-negotiable. It needs to be put in your calendar and become habitual.

To help you get started, I spent dozens of hours creating a free webinar on how to create a Learning Ritual…. Birch syrup is mentioned in Land of Painted Caves, but birch syrup is much harder to boil down without burning, and requires very good temperature control.

Possible, but it would be highly valued--it's hard to get even now. The bear that he killed was not referred to as a cave bear at the time of the killing. Certainly Ayla, who had seen cave bears and knew the smell of them, would have mentioned the significance of killing a cave bear. Also, the bear was after their stash of meat held in bag supported by the posts. Therefore, the bear could not have been after the meat, and Jondular would not have had a canine tooth of a cave bear as he killed a normal bear and not a cave bear.

The part that bothers me is that the shirt floated upstream, against the current of the mighty Sister! Author : AnnDee Don, the Sharamudoi were at the confluence of the Mother and the Sister, collecting bog myrtle, when Jondalar's shirt snagged on a branch came floating along. They sailed, or rowed up-river, past the Zelandonii camp, turned around and were coming back when Jondalar saw them.

Accelerated Intelligence

I can't find the reference right now, but I remember thinking it was an inconsistency the second time I read VOH, then my question was answered. I find that hard to follow. In any case, surely Jon would have seen the boat, or heard its occupants at the oars as it went past against the current? Author : swanline The tent was not situated directly on the river, so they might not have seen it. Jon would not have seen them either, when he was in the tent taking care of his brother. Nevertheless, the other tunic was in the tree flapping in the wind, and I think they must have seen that, especially when they were looking for the people needing their help.

Would it be plausible that the Sharamudoi boat "picked up" the branch with the shirt but the Sharamudoi did not notice it until they were further upstream? But then how did they know that the branch had been snagged earlier??? This is really confusing. If they were downstream of the confluence of Mother and Sister when they noticed the shirt, they would not know from which of the two rivers the shirt had come. In that case, they could have decided to search the Sister first, then, when they did not find anything, turn around and search the Mother. This time, going downstream, they saw Jondalar standing on the riverbank.

Creb's Manhood Celebration Author : swanline In the beginning of CotB it is mentioned that Goov had to become a man before he was allowed to attend ceremonies. How could Creb become Mog-Ur if he never had a manhood celebration, then? Author : Rhiannon If there is no other explanation, all I can think of is that Creb's calling was too strong after being "chosen" by Ursus for the Clan to deny being Mog-ur to him, even though he never became a man. They were discussing the stuff the net was made of. They didn't use sinew because it did not soften in water.

Then when she is sewing she wets the end to get through the thread-puller, then waits for it to dry stiff. Author : ginavc I always pictured the fishing net using somewhat thick cord, and someplace in one of the books she describes the consistency of thick sinew as very coarse. In TMH Ayla has to pound the thicker cords to pull loose a strand.

Maybe the thicker sections do not let enough water penetrate to soften the whole cord, but the thinner strnds get soft and pliable with water. Also, saliva is not the same as salt water, but i have no idea if that would make a difference. Author : BlueRoses Guess what I found? It could be that the Aterians, Wymez' mate's people, had similar customs of named hearths, BUT in all the books the Mamutoi are the only group that actually call their hearths by the name of some animal.

I think it's a pretty remote chance that Ranec's mother's people had the same customs. Barring that, then Wymez would more properly be of the "Lion Hearth" like his sister unless he remarried. Likewise if Nezzie adopted Ranec, then he would be of the Lion Hearth as well.

So what the heck is the Fox Hearth doing there? My personal feeling is that JA knew she was being inconsistent but didn't want to confuse her readers with two "Lion Hearths.

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Author : Folara Clarimonde, I think that, like you said, Jean just didn't want two Lion Hearths, but perhaps she did it on purpose. A middle aged bachelor would not be obligated to continue to share a hearth with his female relatives and their family. Compare this to what would happen if two sisters mated and both lived in the same Camp Would they share a hearth? Most likely not. They would probably create a new one out of the blue, like Nezzie and Wymez did, don't you think? I say that this does not qualify for "inconsistency status. Jondalar mentions that it's up to the young girl to "show restraint" before her First Rites and Ayla replies, "Like Latie wasn't even supposed to look at her brothers, Mamut explained about that.

POP, pg. Even if Rydag is considered as her brother, Mamut specifically said that since he is still a child, it is safe for Latie to interact with him.

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I think that wasn't so much an "inconsistency" as a "whoops" that an editor could have caught, because we know Ayla meant "brother and cousin" Danug and Druwez. Author : Thalion About Latie's brothers: Ranec was one of her brothers since he was adopted by Nezzie. Jondalar says he will take the heavy mammoth hide to keep the rocks that they will build the fire on off the ice. Red-dyed sinew Author : BlueRoses Clan of the Cave Bear: When talking about the bag that holds the sacred roots "No other woman had anything colored the sacred red, although everyone in the clan carried a piece of red ochre in their amulets.

Comment: Author : Rhiannon Sounds inconsistent, but it's possible that the red dyed sinew was Iza's, and since Iza was the one giving birth, Ebra used it. If the quote is ' No other woman Perhaps the red sinew was only used in the births of the highest ranked medicine woman's line, or perhaps Iza was the "keeper" of the sacred red color and had a few things colored red.

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I'm inclined to think that the word "other" is key in that sentence. If I had meant to say that there was nothing else in all the Clan's possessions besides the red ochre in amulets, then I would have phrased it that way. Otherwise, I get the idea that Iza may have other possessions that are red, if they are important enough to deserve the color. Author : BlueRoses The next sentence about Iza's bag is "It was the holiest relic Iza possessed" I always took that to mean it was the only red thing.

I know the men have the red-dyed hunting talisman's in their amulet, but JMA never mentions any other fabric. I looked at Durc's bith pg. I've read books based in biblical times etc. When Iza dies they tie her arms and legs with red-dyed sinew. So I think it has spiritual meaning for coming into either world.