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Abbreviated instruction. Online guide. Instruction manual ver. Standard Watches. Other Instructions. Enhanced Features and Functions Guide. Cookies We use cookies to improve your user experience, perform audience measurement and enhance the quality of your services. If the strike of the bullet is below the control point, the front sight should be screwed in.

If above, it should be screwed out. If the strike of the bullet is to the left of the control point, the slide of the front sight should be moved to the left; if to the right, to the right.

Moving the front sight slide to the left, right, up or down 1mm, changes the strike of the bullet 26cm at meters. One full turn on the front sight post moves the strike of the bullet 20cm when firing at meters. Front sight post changes should be verified by a group of four individually aimed shots. After the weapon has been zeroed, the old mark should be removed and a new one written in. LEAF 4. BASE 3. Unloading and clearing the AK Remove the magazine and pull the operating handle fully to the rear.

Inspect the chamber and receiver to insure no cartridges are present. Release the operating handle and pull the trigger fig Remove the bolt cover: Press the serrated end of the driving spring guide fig 21 into the bolt cover, and while holding the guide in, lift off the bolt cover, rear end first fig Remove the driving spring assembly: Push forward on the end of the driving spring guide fig 23 , disengaging it from its seat in the rear of the receiver fig 24 ; then pull the complete driving spring assembly out of the bolt carrier fig Remove bolt and carrier: Pull the operating handle fully to the rear fig 26 , lift the bolt carrier slightly upward fig 27 and then remove the bolt and carrier by pulling it to the rear fig Remove the bolt from the carrier: Press the bolt into the carrier fig 29 until the bolt operating lug can be twisted free of its cam path in the carrier fig Pull the bolt straight forward and out of the carrier fig Remove gas cylinder tube: Rotate the gas cylinder tube lock upward fig 32 and 33 to free the gas cylinder tube.

Pull up on the rear of the hand guard and remove the tube fig First, engage the front opening of the gas cylinder tube with the gas cylinder fig Then seat the rear of the tube into the rear sight base fig Rotate the gas cylinder tube lock down to its lock position fig Replace the bolt: Slide the spindle of the bolt into the carrier fig 38 and rotate the bolt to mate the operating lug with its cam path.

Pull the bolt as far forward as possible in carrier fig Replace bolt carrier: Slide the piston into the hole under the rear sight fig 40 until the carrier fits into its cuts at the rear of the receiver fig Press the carrier down, with the bolt fully forward, and then slide the carrier fully forward fig Replace driving spring: Insert the driving spring into its hole in the rear of the carrier fig 43 and reseat the guide into its slot in the receiver fig Replace the bolt cover: Insert the front end of the bolt cover into the circular grooves in the rear sight base fig Apply thumb pressure over the square hole in the rear of the cover fig 46 ; press down and forward until the end of the driving spring guide snaps through the hole fig Night Sighting Device: The night sighting device fig 49 is attached by snapping it over the sight.

It can be moved out of the way in order to use conventional sights in the daytime. To use this device, align the luminous dots fig 50 over each other and on the target, aim and fire. Blank firing device: The blank firing device is installed by pressing in the muzzle nut locking plunger fig 51 , unscrewing the muzzle nut by turning it clockwise and replacing it with the device fig It is removed the same way as the muzzle nut. Do not use the cap of the combination tool kit as a blank firing device.

China (Spiel) / Anleitung & Rezension / SpieLama

Hand grenade launcher: The hand grenade launcher is installed by removing the muzzle nut fig 53 and screwing the launcher onto the weapon fig To fire the grenade, insert a grenade with the pin pulled into the launcher. We need to understand that there is a kind of laser beam going toward the target and the farther the distance, the slightest movement on the instrument can reach a detection motion of up to hundreds of meters.

Therefore, operation and search must be carried out with great care without unnecessary fluctuations, with an emphasis on focus and stability.

The demand for discovery, detection and identification capabilities at greater depths than in the past. We are happy to reveal to you a new situation with the deepest detection, detection and exploration capabilities in a range of up to 1 square meters. Discovery capabilities up to 24 meters deep!

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These antennas have the most advanced detection capabilities in the world and are connected to an advanced processor with advanced algorithmic capabilities to solve the question of identification, discovery and search while paying attention to the fastest speed in the field. Accuracy and speed is the name of our game. In addition, if you work in a mineral land area where there are lots of mineral salts and so on , this is known in the search field and makes it difficult for the devices to search. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the ground balance to the mineral ground manually and professionally, according to the ground.

Place the device so that the handle of the device touches the ground itself. The possibility of contact between the ground and the device is very important since the device is manufactured using high quality metals also to get the connection correctly when the horizontal reset of the ground and the operation of the device in the right way. The above situation is a situation of high strength, accuracy and location and is not suitable for use in the area without purpose. If you invest enough thought and effort and follow each and every section at every stage, we are sure you will achieve your good goals.

Yes, we have translations in a variety of languages. We do not recommend this. We worked hard to get to the list of orderly steps.

But in the bottom line the device belongs to you and therefore you can do what you want of course within the law and of course we do not take responsibility for the results that are not by the way our clear instructions. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.

This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. German-English translation for "Gebrauchsanweisung"! Personal-Controlling German Edition. Sex, Ekstase und Transzendenz German Edition? High-Speed Scanner.

Manual Download Thus knowing the most accurate location up to percent success in discovering the most accurate point in the soil of the target.