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I went to Yoga. Not too intense, tons of hip openers, hamstring stretches and twists. It felt amazing.

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Su — 11 miles, pace solo long run. I barely remember the conversation and felt nauseous and lightheaded. Not good. Really good. The Thursday and Sunday runs are the key runs in this training program, so I had to force myself to skip CrossFit Wednesday night, even though the workout was SO good.

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But I ended up being able to do the Wednesday workout on Thursday so it all worked out! I post throughout the week on Snapchat terilynhutchie and Instagram afoodiestaysfit about my runs and eats and recovery, so be sure to follow along there! Are you training for any races right now? What is your favorite recovery activity — foam rolling or epsom salt baths? I kind of love foam rolling, once I actually get started! Let me help! I've been running for almost 20 years, and have run over 50 races from 5Ks to marathons and 24 hour relay races. I'll send you advice for getting started and staying motivated, my favorite running gear, playlists, tips to increase your speed, avoid injuries and more!

Love love your blog!! Thanks for being so authentic and fun! Question: what is Strava?

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Would Strava benefit a casual runner like myself? Also…how do you find running friends? That may sound like a silly question sorry , but I have never found anyone to run with.

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Thanks so much!! Strava is an online tool that tracks your runs and rides, if you bike. I used the free version for 8 months and loved it! I think it would definitely benefit a casual runner! They want a training program.

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They want information about shoes and equipment. They worry about sore muscles. Every runner experiences what might be described as start-up problems. Based on questions asked me through Social Media, here is help if you want to begin to run. Safety First Is running dangerous? Not really, says Paul D.

Despite the stress we place on our bodies, runners have fewer heart attacks than sedentary people. Shoe Selection The single most important piece of equipment is shoes. Go to a specialty running store, one owned and staffed by runners. As for brand, model and price, ask the salesman. Try on three or four pair. Go for a short jog around the store. Fit is most important.

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Running Attire Among runners, nobody cares what anybody else looks like. In a survey I took, runners favored comfort far ahead of fashion when it came to picking clothes. It is almost impossible to make a fashion faux pas. Begin with basics: a pair of shorts or tights and definitely a sports bra. Popular lately are shorts that look like skirts. When temperatures drop, layering begins. What keeps you warm in winter is not only the fabric, but also the air trapped between the fabrics. Toys GPS watches allow runners to measure time, distance, pace, and much more.

Personally, I love the app on my iPhone, which allows me to view a map of the route just run.

Another best-selling item is foam rollers. Nothing electronic about them, but you can rub the rollers along a sore or injured muscle and recover more rapidly.

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Sore Muscles Yes, sore muscles happen. Even after running becomes easy, you still will experience sore muscles from time to time. People get sore muscles for three reasons:. Pain is good. It is a warning signal to back off training.

Long distance running process also boosts memory and learning

A general rule is that if pain comes at the start of a workout, but gradually diminishes as your muscles warm, keep going. But if pain gets worse as you run, it is time to stop and seek medical care. Where to run? The question of where and when to run seems easy to answer: anywhere and at any time. Most beginners start by running around the block or down the street in their neighborhoods. Only later, do they seek varied locations for their running activities.