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Ecclesiastical principalities, namely the Papal States belonging to the Catholic church. A prince must always pay close attention to military affairs if he wants to remain in power.

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Machiavelli lists four types of armies:. Mercenaries or hired soldiers, which are dangerous and unreliable Auxiliaries, troops that are loaned to you by other rulers—also dangerous and unreliable.

Native troops, composed of one's own citizens or subjects—by far the most desirable kind. Mixed troops, a combination of native troops and mercenaries or auxiliaries—still less desirable than a completely native army. It is better to be stingy than generous.

It is better to be cruel than merciful. It is better to break promises if keeping them would be against one's interests.

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Princes must avoid making themselves hated and despised; the goodwill of the people is a better defense than any fortress. Princes should undertake great projects to enhance their reputation. The rulers of Italy have lost their states by ignoring the political and military principles Machiavelli enumerates.

Fortune controls half of human affairs, but free will controls the rest, leaving the prince free to act. However, few princes can adapt their actions to the times.

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The final chapter is an exhortation to the Medici family to follow Machiavelli's principles and thereby free Italy from foreign domination. Next About The Prince. This has a floral nose with cherry and pomegranate fruit.

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