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He was a strong supporter of the American-French alliance during the revolution, and solely handled much of the council's correspondence with France.

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In , he went to Philadelphia to serve as one of Virginia's delegates to Continental Congress. In , Madison returned to Virginia and the state legislature. There, he became a champion for the separation of church and state and helped get Virginia's Statute of Religious Freedom, a revised version of a document penned by Jefferson in , passed in The following year, Madison tackled an even more challenging government composition—the U.

In , Madison represented Virginia at the Constitution Convention. He was a federalist at heart, thus campaigned for a strong central government. In the Virginia Plan, he expressed his ideas about forming a three-part federal government, consisting of executive, legislative and judicial branches.

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He thought it was important for this new structure to have a system of checks and balances, in order to prevent the abuse of power by any one group. While many of Madison's ideas were included in the Constitution, the document itself faced some opposition in his native Virginia and other colonies. He then joined Alexander Hamilton and John Jay in a special effort to get the Constitution ratified, and the three men wrote a series of persuasive letters that were published in New York newspapers, collectively known as The Federalist papers.

Back in Virginia, Madison managed to outmaneuver such Constitution opponents as Patrick Henry to secure the document's ratification. In , Madison won a seat in the U. House of Representatives, a legislative body that he had helped envision. He became an instrumental force behind the Bill of Rights, submitting his suggested amendments to the Constitution to Congress in June Madison wanted to ensure that Americans had freedom of speech, were protected against "unreasonable searches and seizures" and received "a speedy and public trial" if faced with charges, among other recommendations.

A revised version of his proposal was adopted that September, following much debate. While initially a supporter of President George Washington and his administration, Madison soon found himself at odds with Washington over financial issues. He objected to the policies of Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton, believing that these plans lined the pockets of wealthy northerners, and was detrimental to others.

He and Jefferson campaigned against the creation of a central federal bank, calling it unconstitutional. Still, the measure was passed by Around this time, the longtime friends abandoned the Federalist Party and created their political entity, the Democratic-Republican Party. Eventually tiring of the political battles, Madison returned to Virginia in with his wife Dolley. The couple had met in Philadelphia in , and married that same year. She had a son named Payne from her first marriage, who Madison raised as his own, and the couple retired to Montpelier. Madison would officially inherit the estate after his father's death in But Madison didn't stay out of government for long.

In , Madison joined the administration of his longtime friend, Thomas Jefferson, serving as President Jefferson's secretary of state. He supported Jefferson's efforts in expanding the nation's borders with the Louisiana Purchase, and the explorations of these new lands by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. One of Madison's greatest challenges played out on the high seas, with U.

Great Britain and France were at war again, and American vessels were caught in the middle. Warships from both sides routinely stopped and seized American ships to prevent Americans from trading with the enemy. And the American crewmembers were forced into service for these feuding foreign powers. After diplomatic efforts failed, Madison campaigned for the Embargo Act of , which prohibited American vessels from traveling to foreign ports and halted exports from the United States.

Hugely unpopular, this measure proved to be an economic disaster for American merchants. Running on the Democratic-Republican ticket, Madison won the presidential election by a wide margin. When Madison returned to his family plantation in Virginia, he became involved in local politics, soon embracing the patriot cause.

Too small and weak for the military, instead Madison threw himself into framing the Virginia constitution, and serving in the Virginia state legislature. In , Madison was chosen to represent Virginia in the Continental Congress. Although its youngest delegate, his strong grasp on the law and passionate belief in the promise of the American state made him a charismatic leader. Madison tirelessly advocated a strong, central government among the Constitutional Conventions which would develop the Constitution that American government is based upon.

Along with statesmen Alexander Hamilton and John Jay, he authored the Federalist Papers inarguing this point, a document which is still studied by political theorists today.

Early Years

After the Constitution was adopted in , Madison continued to be involved in the process of its refinement. As a Representative of Virginia, he helped frame and pass the Bill of Rights, as well as create a system of federal taxation. Madison married the vivacious Dolley Payne Todd in , and took a leave of absence from public service in to enjoy her company. By the s Bernard was building his own boats as well, including several large, steam-powered excursion boats that operated on Lake Mendota.

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Bernard ferried picnickers to his private park gone near Mendota State Hospital. After his death in , son William ran the business. William and his son Carl became known across the United States as avid ice boat builders and racers.

In the Bernards replaced the original buildings with a larger frame structure. Four years later that building was destroyed by fire and was replaced with the present frame building. Carl Bernard sold out to Harry Hoover in ; Hoover continued to operate the board livery and gave excursion rides until when he sold the property to the City. Today the Bernard-Hoover boathouse is the only survivor of the early days of Madison's love affair with pleasure boating. Washington Avenue for Madison's first Jewish congregation. It was moved to this site in through the efforts of local citizens and the City of Madison to save it from the wrecking ball.

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