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In this first stage of his ministry, Jesus also begins to encounter opposition from the Pharisees, who question his adherence to traditional Jewish laws governing Sabbath observance, fasting, and consorting with sinners. Jesus goes to Capernaum, where he cures the servant of a Roman centurion and restores the son of a widow to life.

When John the Baptist, imprisoned, sends messengers to ask Jesus who he is, Jesus responds only by pointing out the many miracles he has worked. Accepting the ministrations of a wicked woman, Jesus shows that he forgives even the most wretched of sinners. He explains in a parable that the seed of the word of God will only sprout in noble and generous hearts, and that the true family of Jesus is not his mother and siblings, but those who hear the word of God. Among his miracles, he calms a storm; cures a man possessed by a demon, and a woman with a hemorrhage; and revives the daughter of Jairus.

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Jesus sends the Twelve Apostles out to preach the Gospel and to cure illness. On their return, Jesus is swarmed by people eager to hear his preaching. He works the miracle of the loaves and fish for them, multiplying scant food to feed 5, people. Immediately after this event, Jesus gives the first of his three prophecies of the Passion, during which he predicts that he will be executed and resurrected.

Jesus begins to travel toward Jerusalem. His journey is punctuated by a number of brief episodes.

The Gospel According to Luke (Luke)

He cautions extensively against ostentation and against the accumulation of wealth. Arriving in Jerusalem, Jesus foresees the destruction of the great city as a punishment for its failure to recognize him. Driving away the merchants, Jesus begins to preach in the temple and wins the allegiance of the common people.

He refuses to justify his authority to the chief priests and elders who oppose him. Chastising them, he compares them to wicked tenants, who will be evicted and punished by the Lord, the true owner of the temple. The Jewish leaders attempt to entrap Jesus verbally, but he subverts them while asserting the importance of obedience to secular authority and belief in the resurrection of the dead.

Bible: The New Testament.

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Character List Jesus Peter Paul. Themes Motifs Symbols Key Facts. Important Quotations Explained. In this incident, recorded by Matthew, Peter and the other disciples have spent a busy period of ministry with Jesus. They have tried to take rest together in a solitary place, but the crowds have continued to pursue them.

Jesus then involves the disciples in an amazing miracle when he feeds over 5, people, before dismissing them to cross the lake in a boat. The disciples have encountered a storm and have been battling the weather for many hours.

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ by Philip Pullman | Book review | Books | The Guardian

When Jesus approaches them it is between 3 a. They must have been physically exhausted, not only from their ministry, but also from their fight with the storm. They possibly feel abandoned by Jesus. However, their principal emotion when they see what they believe to be a ghost approaching is fear. In Peter this emotion is quickly reversed when he sees that it is Jesus. His instinct is to get to where Jesus is. Whilst we might consider that his behaviour is just another example of typically impulsive Peter, and the request to walk with Jesus on such rough and stormy water an ill-considered gesture, Jesus does not condemn but seeks to encourage his faith.

Peter, inconsistent with this calling at other moments, wants to obey now in this unusual situation. At the time it was given, it clearly dispirited and concerned Peter and the other disciples. In retrospect, however, Peter would have been reassured that although Jesus knew in advance of his betrayal, it did not disqualify him from a relationship with Jesus, or a position as his disciple.

The repetition demonstrates a sense of grief, of kindness and of love; Luke uses it to highlight moments of particular emotion that Jesus experiences. Here, Jesus is particularly moved by the trial that he knows Peter will undergo and his use of Simon, rather than Peter, underlines this. Jesus is concerned to guard his relationship with Peter, which, at the moment of his testing and in the future, will be based upon faith.

Luke is clear: Peter will survive the ordeal because Jesus has prayed for him.

Who Was Mary Magdalene?

It displays one of the ways in which his relationship with Peter and his relationship with the Father interact. Jesus has particular concern for Peter in his trial as he will be the only disciple to betray Jesus in such a public fashion. He is also concerned that Peter will come through his ordeal and become the rock he should be. Jesus expects Peter to eventually strengthen the other disciples. He takes the time aside although possibly not out of earshot of the other disciples to reinstate Peter and demonstrate his forgiveness.

Rather than the previous episodes where Peter has demonstrated a penchant for extravagant claims of loyalty, here he keeps the declaration simple and appeals to Jesus to weigh his words. Thus, even in this brief overview, we can see how his relationship with Jesus brought about a dramatic change in Simon Peter.

Acts Category : News and Reviews. Jesus does NOT call Peter the rock nor imply that the church will be built on his foundation, Jesus is referring to himself as Jesus knows that Peter knows who he is he is confirming to Peter that yes I am that rock upon which the church will be built, I believe the demonic catholic church usuing the garbage versions of the word of GOD Alexandrian texts not the Antioch version is why it has been received as such as they read it wrongly and claim him to be the first pope.

Lucifer however infaltrated not long after peter died. We all know how that went. Interesting that there is not mention of the cross in the new testament and no mention of peter incorporating it in the first church people praying through him pope. My intuition on this subject is as follows and is rooted in the first meeting between our Lord and Simon. In essence transformed from organic temporal fallen matter to precious eternal stone.

It is the result of a tree or tree-like plants having completely transitioned to stone by the process of permineralization. All the organic materials have been replaced with minerals mostly a silicate, such as quartz , while retaining the original structure of the stem tissue.

Unlike other types of fossils which are typically impressions or compressions, petrified wood is a three-dimensional representation of the original organic material. We, the believers in Christ, are living stones, like Christ, through regeneration and transformation.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

We were created of clay Rom. But at regeneration, we received the seed of the divine life, which by its growing in us transforms us into living stones. Her light was like a most precious stone, like a jasper stone, as clear as crystal. The precious stones are not the light but the light-bearers. They do not have light in themselves, but the light, which is God, has been wrought into them and shines out through them.

The journey from living to precious stones is, therefore, one of transformation. Human beings are changed by what they eat, their source of nourishment. We need to be nourished in our soul through the mind and also in our spirit, by feeding on Christ as the words with either milk or solid food day by day that we may grow unto salvation, unto maturity for glorification. A living stone is one that not only possesses life but also grows in life. Here Peter changed his metaphor from a seed, which is of the vegetable life , to a stone, which is of the minerals.

The seed is for life-planting; the stone is for building v. After receiving Him as the seed of life, we need to grow that we may experience Him as the stone living in us. Thus He will make us also living stones, transformed with His stone nature, that we may be built together with others as a spiritual house upon Him as both the foundation and the cornerstone Isa.

I have had similar Peter references myself.

Lazarus Is Raised from the Dead

I too am zealous and wilful and have had a rather difficult refinement process. Could this relate to yourself? It was Gods plan which did come to fruition that Peter truly knew Jesus.