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Flom, M. Isolation and characterization of alkaloids from Caulophyllum thalictroides. Noms anglais Black cohosh, black snakeroot moins souvent : fairy candles, rattleweed, rattleroot, bugbane, bugwort, squaw root. Compton et al. Compton et. Baillie, N. Baskin, J. Epicotyl dormancy in seeds of Cimicifuga racemosa and Hepatica acutiloba. Torrey Bot. Club : — Beuscher, N. Cimicifuga racemosa L.

Le guide complet à la thérapie relationnelle (French Edition)

Compton, J. Taxon 47 : — Duker, E. Effects of extracts from Cimicifuga racemosa on gonadotropin release in menopausal women and ovariectomized rats. Einer-Jensen, N. Cimicifuga and Melbrosia lack oestrogenic effects in mice and rats. Maturitas 25 : — Foster, S.

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Black cohosh - Cimicifuga racemosa. Botanical Series No. Gunn, T. Jarry, H. Endocrine effects of the contents of Cimicifuga racemosa. Influence on the serum concentration of pituitary hormones in ovariectomized rats. Plant Med. Plant Res. In vitro binding of compounds to estrogen receptors. Koeda, M. Three novel cyclolanostol xylosides from Cimicifuga racemosa. Lehmann-Willenbrock, E. Clinical and endocrinological examinations concerning therapy of climacteric symptoms following hysterectomy with remaining ovaries.

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Noms anglais Narrow-leaved purple coneflower, echinacea, prairie purple coneflower. Leurs tiges sont grosses et plus ou moins recouvertes de poils raides. En automne, les capitules brunissent et produisent une abondance de graines. Herbal medicine : Echinacea. Baskauf, C. Comparative ecophysiology of a rare and widespread species of Echinacea Asteraceae. Genetic analysis of a rare and a widespread species of Echinacea Asteraceae.

Evolution 48 : — Effects of vernalization and photoperiod on flowering in Echinacea tennesseensis, an endangered species. Baskin, C. Seed dormancy in the prairie forb Echinacea angustifolia var. Nomenclatural history and taxonomic status of Echinacea angustifolia, E. Sida Contrib. Bauer, R. Fortbild Jena 90 : — Analysis of alkamides and caffeic acid derivatives from Echinacea simulata and Echinacea paradoxa roots.

Comments on the Echinacea problem. Echinacea species as potential immunostimulatory drugs. Color profile: Disabled Composite Default screen Echinacea pallida var. Echinacea highlighted as a cold and flu remedy. Herbalgram 29 : 8—9. Bomme, U.

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Purple coneflower, Echinacea purpurea, in Ontario. Range extension of purple coneflower in southeastern Saskatchewan. Blue Jay 33 : — Dorsch, W. Fortbild Jena. Studies on the endangered Echinacea tennesseensis Asteraceae : plant community and demographic analysis. Castanea 60 : 60— Federal Register. Determination that Echinacea tennesseensis is an endangered species.

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Feghahat, S. Ethylene-, light-, and prechill-enhanced germination of Echinacea angustifolia seeds.

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