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Let go. You may be great. You control the message or information about yourself that you want to let the rest of the world as tiny as yours may be know. Yeah, yeah it does.

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Life is Not Personal

In any case, too many to count. I haven't touched my own page since I reported the incident. It was about thirty names from the top but like I said, my profile pic is my dog, not me, so she would have had to look a each thumbnail photo or view each account. I do have an Instagram page that's on private but I only have a few friends, mostly family members, under that same name.

She found me night before last and friended me. Naturally I blocked her. HR gave her a reprimand for creating a negative work atmosphere. My rep wasn't sure why Melinda felt the need to blast my info for everyone and he called BS on her for claiming it was innocent. So that's that.

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That's probably all that's gonna come from it because my coworkers are now acting mostly back to normal. However, I took the advice from this sub and I'm making amends. They're all most receptive. I'm gonna learn to open up but not by much. But they know enough about me to know I'm not an automaton or anything.

If you want your comment to count toward judgment, include only ONE of the following abbreviations in your comment. If you don't include a judgement abbreviation, the bot will ignore you when it looks for the top voted comment. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. NTA- Melinda needs to mind her fucking business. I would complain to HR about her harassing you. Oh, I did, and they're looking into it. If she did it at home there isn't much they can do, but if she did any of her snooping on company computer or time she's going to be at least reprimanded if not written up.

The most they can do is move her to a new department or team for creating a hostile work environment. I thought her intense desire for privacy was a little weird, and might be a little assholey to the people she calls her friends, but between melinda and OP, Melinda is the asshole. Seriously I would consider this legit FB stalking.

AITA for hiding my personal life at work? : AmItheAsshole

I agree NTA i do the same as well personal life is personal and work is work its how i like to separate things too much drama at work with the ladies there who are nothing but two faces so i dont really socialize as much with them i am nice yes but not gossiping with them. This is an honest question from a blue collar worker, I think I have worked for a company with an HR department for less then 6months in a 20 year career.

Does complaining to HR actually do things? It seems like it could be a risky move, I guess my worry would be trusting hr to not turn on you.

5 Ways To Keep Your Personal Life Private

You would be TA if you expected this not to change relationships at all. Essentially, you wanted to keep them out of your personal life while still getting to be part of theirs.

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Then announcing it to everyone was even worse. Well put, NTA in the act, but to expect no reaction from others is sort of asshole-ish. Brilliantly said. Separation of work and personal life is a perfectly reasonable boundary, but even work friendships involve some level of personal involvement. Can't have it both ways! Hey look. Crazy snoop lady? Completely an ass. Spending years with people 40 hours a week and deliberately hiding all aspects of your life from them?

Kinda pathological. Sharing our lives is what people do. Nice response. I have a co-worker who did this, and I don't know if OP understands how creepy this comes off. I didn't push her to do that, and she didn't push me to do that. We just got to that point, and it was OK.

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That's brilliant awareness. The questions I would send back to you then are these: What is it about structure that you find comfortable and easy? How have you learned to thrive within a structure? SBI life term plan with life cover up to 80 years. Learn More. Related Questions More Answers Below How can you overcome if you have been successful in your professional life but you have failed in your personal life? Why most of successful persons have a bad personal life? Which is more important success in personal life or professional life? I am the biggest failure in everything in my personal, professional life?

Now how do I start again? Why do some people have an extremely successful career but have a personal life that is falling apart? View more. Related Questions How can you overcome if you have been successful in your professional life but you have failed in your personal life?

Is having a good personal life critical to professional success? How is it to be professionally successful, but fail in your personal life? I am a 31 year old male in India.