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Good news for other parents needing encouragement in their own parenting!

Magic, Miracles, Metaphors And Meaning Ordinary Life podcast

With sparkling transparency, Rachel reveals the mess and marvel of life with little people. Amid a cascade of daily chaos, she breaks open ordinary moments with such winsome vulnerability that I was captivated anew by the holy wonder of it all.

Rachel creates vivid images in which other young parents can find themselves, but then digs deeper to unearth and share her early parenthood spiritual journey. An inspiring and thoughtful book. As she recounts parenting peaks and valleys, she invites us to see God calling and caring for us, even—or especially—in seemingly mundane moments. Visit the Mennobytes blog.

Can God’s daily care be found in the ordinary?

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Finding Miracles in Everyday Life

I Don't Know Anything 2. Companion on the Journey 3.

Slowing Down, Coming Home 4. The Offering 5.

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Can God’s daily care be found in the ordinary?

Your Cart. This book may have served well as a devotional with relevant Scriptures added to each story, but it reads like a compilation of meandering journal entries with no clear destination. Near the end, the book takes a bizarre turn as Johnson focuses on how strange lights signify the presence of the spirits of Christ and Mary.

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However, it seems more likely that they emanate from stained glass windows or another source. Anyone interested in firsthand accounts of miracles will also find this book enjoyable.

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