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There is a strict 4 hour cutoff time for both the day and night events! Day Trident runners must have completed all 4 loops by 4 p. Night Trident runners must be finished with all 4 loops by midnight! Race management reserves the right to remove anyone from the course who displays distress above and beyond "normal and expected" for this type of event. We will have a medical staff on hand who will be evaluating runners as they make their way through the race. Same rules apply for the night version! You must be on your last lap by 11 p.

Think the night version will be easier? The shuttle van will be picking up and dropping off approximately every 10 minutes.

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You may be dropped off, but your drop-off person must also use off-site parking if they intend on staying for the race. Jupiter Ridge is open for usual business on race day and we want to keep it clear for visitors not affiliated with the race. We have rented a nice, new, comfortable, air-conditioned van to take you to the race in style.

Please take advantage of it. If you park in the Jupiter Ridge lot, you may be asked to move your car. You will be provided with sufficient aid at the race, but if you want anything extra, bring it with you. Nothing larger than a standard duffel bag, please. Zero tolerance.

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We mean flagrant littering, knowingly discarding of garbage on the trails. The race takes place entirely on the double-track sugar sand roads and there should be no reason to go wandering off into the bushes. These folks are the backbone of our races, some of which will be sacrificing time with their families, or missing work to come and stand in the heat, getting bit repeatedly by horseflies to help you finish your race.

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They are to be treated like the rock stars they are. Our volunteers are fellow ultrarunners, race directors, and generally positive, high-energy, fun-loving people who want to help you achieve your goals. As this race is brought to you by the same folks who brought you the Sand Spur, you can expect the same level of goodies and bling, including amazing finishers medals, shirts, stickers, and other goodies!

You'll also be escorted to and from the race site to a nearby public parking area in an air conditioned van. We'll also have custom top finishers awards for the top male and female winners.

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Aid stations will be stocked with plenty of ice, water, liquid fuel, chilled fruit, and other goodies! The race will be professionally and accurately timed by our friends Justin and Jill at Trailhead Ultras and results will be posted to Ultrasignup shortly after the race. Volunteer Register Share. Website Calendar. Social Facebook Forum.

Registration closes: Thu, Aug 6 PM. Run the ancient sand dunes!

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The Night Owl Trilogy

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Many will leave disgruntled, others bamboozled, eye-twitching, and stupefied like the institution-bound title character. I left a conspiracy theorist. It takes its characters nowhere new. It actively regresses one or two, in fact, insulting them before bowing out. None of it saves Glass. It gestures vaguely at both, satisfying as neither. Then it tramples that moment with 20 more minutes of haphazard twists that jerk the whole thing in circles until it rams face-first into a wall. Roll credits. Cue the dumbfounded faces of every poor sucker at my screening wondering whether to stay for an after-credits scene.

There is no after-credits scene.


This is a movie in which a climactic moment hinges on a pothole. Most of it takes place indoors. Glass sneers at one point.

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