PDF RECIPROCITY: Black Women Interracial and Intercultural Marriage—BOOK 3

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Social exchange theory

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Social exchange theory

The prisoner's dilemma is a widely used example in game theory that attempts to illustrate why or how two individuals may not cooperate with each other, even if it is in their best interest to do so. It demonstrates that while cooperation would give the best outcome, people might nevertheless act selfishly.

We cannot achieve our goals alone so as humans sometimes we have to become actors. In the world today we see actors as unemotional people but that is not the case once we reach our goals in the end.

Black SWANS (Stong Women Achievers, No Spouse)

Social exchange includes "both a notion of a relationship, and some notion of a shared obligation in which both parties perceive responsibilities to each other". This evaluation rests on two types of comparisons: Comparison Level and Comparison Level for Alternative. According to Thibaut and Kelley, the Comparison Level CL is a standard representing what people feel they should receive in the way of rewards and costs from a particular relationship.

An individual's comparison level can be considered the standard by which an outcome seems to satisfy the individual. If people see no alternative and fear being alone more than being in the relationship, social exchange theory predicts they will stay.