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De la belle ouvrage. Organique, cru, touchant et magique.

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Ne cherchez pas plus loin. Ses progressions harmoniques sont superbes, et sont remplies de cassures et tournures inattendues. Un sur chaque face. Le public ne sait plus ou regarder. Annie Lewandowski still sounds dazed and glazed, as if in a post-traumatic state.

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This was rather disorientating for the audience who were all in the middle, but this only added to effect. For the most part each band took it in turns to start individually, with the sole lighting and focus on them, but then the rest of the room would kick in towards the end. It really was mightily impressive. Each band takes turns playing some of its own tunes unaccompanied allowing the other three to take a blow before bringing in the full orchestra for a rousing collective outro.

The songs, most of them all-instrumental, range from euphoric trance to hard driving new wave to spastic hardcore. He's a young player with lots of promise; whatever the newest developments in the next ten or fifteen years of improv are, it's a good bet that Guthrie will be right in the middle of them.

It was a truly immersive experience, listening to each band in the middle of the square, or choosing to walk the perimeter of the stages, hearing the song change as I moved closer to one band and further away from another. The public square really lent for this type of project, creating excitement for anybody who walked by. This is a good thing, obviously. Festival Well, there is no short answer.

Franco-kraut rock? Post-contemporary classical?

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It turned out to be French by the way. There surely is a place for more clarinets in contemporary popular music as well as massive saxophones. Playing difficult time structures helps as well as doing it all with a sense of humour and a smile on your face. They are Aquaserge by the way.

Tout coule de source, alors que rien ne devrait. Une utopie pop en marche. It'll be the same sound that you heart in the film, but re-amped and re-miked. I'll be able to play with little speakers, putting them in sinks and other places. I won't be playing music as such, I will dub the original footage in a sense. As impossible as it is, I was trying to find a way for the film image and the sound of the music to keep some kind of autonomy, and yet affect each other in ways that are hopefully not too narratively driven.

His compositions explore these instruments in new ways by disassociating their historical baggage and exploring their capabilities in a modern context.

Une harmonie naturelle. Chant liturgique? Ritournelles folk? Pop chorale? Guthrie goes for a very full sound, something that befits his personal history as a student of Tony Williams. He has a marvelous ability to coalesce a wealth of seemingly casual sounds, events that have no apparent relationship, into an entirely convincing, cohesive whole. The tribal drive of momentum and repetition can give birth to timelessness. Tentant, donc. The band uses vocals almost like stringed instruments, which become even more noticeable when violins are added to their chanting".

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Pas du tout. Plus ils sont de fous, plus ils rient.

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