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We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet. The number has now crossed 3 lacs — that is the number of farmers who preferred to end their lives, to continuing the extremely stressful existence of an Indian farmer since The phenomena is spread over many states but Maharashtra tops the list with more than suicides by farmers. And the sad reality is that the suicides continue and we have not been able to find a long term permanent solution to this problem of growing rural distress.

There have been umpteen number of studies by various committees and N. And if we add to this a year of draught or floods or even bumper crop , the entire economics is thrown out of gear and the farmer finds himself further getting entangled into the vicious cycle of farm activity below optimum productivity, expenses more than income, growing dependence on private borrowings with various family responsibilities staring in his face, leading to unbearable stress and possibility of undignified shameful existence in the local society. He unfortunately finds permanent escape in suicide from this stressful life.

Successive governments have tried to provide solutions to this problem by way of loan waivers which at best is only a temporary relief as it reduces the stress temporarily and provides opportunity to take fresh loan from the bank. But after a year the farmer finds himself in the same position as before.

Everybody knows that loan waivers is not a permanent solution. Because the farmer has to go through the same grind — take a fresh loan, sow the seeds, cultivate the crop, harvest the produce and then what? Fight and hope for a remunerative price for his produce and somehow try and fix the arithmetic of income and expenditure and run to the money lender to cover the deficit.

Maharashtra links GST sops in policy to ‘sons of the soil’ clause

One good year may take him one step forward but the next bad year due to draught or floods or untimely rains or even a bumper crop crashing the prices takes him back five steps. In the above calculation we are not even including the additional stress caused to him due to struggle to deal with shortage of fertilizers, pesticides, fake or low quality seeds, uncertainties of supply of water through irrigation systems and non availability of farm labour on time etc.

Therefore in order to find a long term solution we need to accept and address the following basic facts,. These measures cannot improve on sustained basis the dismal conditions of majority of farmers which have continued to aggravate over the decades. Simple truth is his income has to be adequately more than his costs which should include expenses for a decent life style for his family and should leave him with reasonable surplus.

Why then should a farmer who is involved in one of the most important and essential activity of growing food be deprived of this? Sons of the Soil is epic in both sound and substance, pushing beyond Jon Ahmeti's first person perspective and cracking open every bloody angle through the eyes of opposing characters. Each allows the reader into the heart and mind of a transgressor, which all are, including Ahmeti in his own forcefully misguided way.


I loved Eleni, a strong yet violently damaged Greek rebel, but found Gotse Delchev, a Slavic freedom fighter and leader of the IO to be the most intriguing. It takes an even-handed, skilled writer to deliver such an ambitious saga, but Dines has done it with a responsible storyline that manages the delicate act of balancing a cataclysmic time in history with a riveting, fictional drama.

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Highly, highly recommended. Review written for Readers' Favorite. Feb 28, Donika Kamberi rated it it was amazing. I love this book, it has changed my way of thinking in particular historical issues. While I definitely recommend this book to all readers, I would recommend it to people who have studied or currently studying history, political science and international relations mainly because after reading it, they will definitely have a better understanding of historical moves and they will have a different approach of analyzing relations with power.

Each chapter is filled with a great description of moments I love this book, it has changed my way of thinking in particular historical issues.

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The author offer such a great picture and an in-depth analysis of the setting. I am sure that all the readers will take the most of it. Mar 28, Paul Boland rated it it was amazing Shelves: lucas-dines. A very satisfying read. Right from the very beginning scene, this new author sets the story of espionage, mystery, and conspiracy in motion. This international thriller based in a part of the world rife with secrecy and conflict has the reader frantically turning pages. Dines weaves vivid description with a fast-paced plot to keep his audience at the edge of A very satisfying read.

Dines weaves vivid description with a fast-paced plot to keep his audience at the edge of their seat. Very well-written for a first-time author.

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I look forward to more from Dines and highly recommend this novel! Apr 12, Fitore Bajrami Abdi rated it it was amazing.

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At moments, when you believe the whole history belongs to the past, the author brings this novel. A fantastic narration, described in detail. What makes you impatiently read are the characters' stories, meticulously described.

An important moment the author's priceless sense of describing emotions to such a level that you can feel their essence while reading and makes you reflect so deeply and find their source. Revenge, hate, but above all love and kindness are the ones which follow you in each At moments, when you believe the whole history belongs to the past, the author brings this novel.

Revenge, hate, but above all love and kindness are the ones which follow you in each letter.

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A book that is worth reading, a book that restores faith in goodness and wisdom, values we so much need. I strongly recommend it! Thank you Lucas for this treasure! Mar 28, Matt D. This book draws you in with the variety of characters and compelling points-of-view.

The characters accurately reflect the philosophies and ideals of the many political perspectives that are at play. The reader is transported into the lives of the people from the time period and begins to relate with each ideology. It's impossible to not be drawn into the competing perspectives.

More than an engaging story, the reader will absolutely learn more about this often misunderstood region. Well written This book draws you in with the variety of characters and compelling points-of-view. Well written and most definitely a good read! Mar 27, Wayne Ough rated it it was amazing. Absolutely fantastic read. Lucas Dines will be a name to remember and looking forward to see what is next for the young writer. The Premier's hostile outburst towards the Governor was nothing but a smoke screen, design to divert the public attention of his wrongdoing in the BHC scandal.

When this diversion did not work, he then sought an order of the court to prevent the local news agencies from reporting on his involvement in the BHC's scandal; this was evident in his press conference wherein, he only spoke of himself. However, thanks to the advent of the "internet"; the story of his wrongdoing will be told and the people will then decide knowing the real truth, as oppose to the Premier's truth.

In his depiction of the black people of Bermuda the Premier has been known to have quoted that "a full belly man makes a poor revolutionary". It is evident that the Premier is banking on the fact that because we in Bermuda have such an affluent life style that we will be stupid enough not to revolt against his unethical, and immoral behavior. Let's show the Premier that he is dead wrong.

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