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I can't afford to wait any longer.

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So, take them. Live a long life, will you? I wave once last time before I disappear out of his sight. I come to a standstill, looking back one last time. I find myself smiling slightly, before I turn back and head forward. I rush as fast as I can to the keep. It takes a few curves, but at one part, it's straight up. I don't see a real difference in level or class. Both wealthy and less wealthy walk on the same streets, all near the keep. I hope Edelweiss can change into this.

I can clearly remember the streets of Edelweiss when I walked around. People were struggling on the ground, dirty, hungry. Everyone was trying to work hard, but the difference in class was so big.

Tess Gerritsen

But that never really interested me. It was all just so dull and gray, like a monochrome world of eventless moments. I want to bring the color to my city, and start thinking ahead to a future where Edelweiss will outgrow us all. I need to go home. While I walk towards the keep, I realize something. I need a plan to get in. I look for the nearest guards to ask for direction. Can you point me to the library? I decide to ask a local later. I already asked ten other people for directions, but I still end up getting lost.

I'm bad with directions?! I was pretty good with directions in Edelweiss. Thanks to Evander's spell, I can also read their language. I don't feel embarrassment, only happiness. I've been reading at least 15 books about other dimensions, but they're all but theories, fantasies and other useless things.

People are giving me weird looks with the stash of books next to me. I decide to give up on this place. I grab all the books that I had and place the books back one by one. When I turn around the corner to put away the last book, I accidentally bump into another person. I can hear her yelp as she falls to the ground.

I quickly drop the book I was holding and catch her in her fall. I support her light body with one hand, and when her cowl falls off with reveals her face, I feel captivated. I wonder if all women in Illuminia are so beautiful. I doubt it. Since no one really drew my attention. No…this girl is special. She looks me in the eyes, and blushes slightly. I am not giving out permission anymore.

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Thank you for reading. Today is eligite day. To be stamped or not. To belong to one of the Families or live outside the wall with the Lux Vena and lupus. If I get chosen or not will diffine my entire life or mabey end it. There are six Families.


The Terra who can control the rocks and earth, the Aqua who control any form of water, the Ignis those who control fire, Fulgar, the Family that uses lightning, and the Tempus, the Family that controls time and riches, the Family Rex, Malum is in,the ruler of all Lamia Murus, Murus for short. Once a safe haven for Lamia, now the New world. I must dress my very best today, if perhaps I get picked by one of the Lamia pigs I must also be pleasing to the eye.

The Silent Ones - H.O.A (Hiss Of Approval)

I will braid my long wavy blonde hair and wear my only dress, a short gray dress with a black lace skirt. Mother was married in this dress, so many years ago. She died giving birth to me. My Father was a Factus. He was found on the street dead one night because he wasn't stamped. That was 6 years ago. He was probably drained, the Lamia wouldn't let me see the body. I gaze at myself in the small pool of water in the dull corner of the small abandon building I called home. My face was scratched and sickly thin, my arms sticks. I looked like a Hanger. I'm not a Hanger even though I look like one.

It's because of lack of food, having fend for myself, as well as others. The leader of Silver Reign wants to send someone from the outside, I volunteered. I will easacpe once a week to tell the rebellion everything, hopefully I am chosen by one of the wealthier Families, so I might live better. Unlike my poor,poor Father. My stomach growled and I twitched at the sound, I had always been a tad jumpy.

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My up bring had made sure of that. I am scared of my own foot steps. The low beat of the drums beat me out of my thoughts. It was dark, no stars. Only the moon to see by, even then, it was gloomy. Silver Luna, that is what they called tonight, last year it was the Red Luna. They drained everyone. Every last person. I helped clean up the bodies.

The Silent Ones (The Lamia #2) by S.J. Bach

We burned them all, even the drained Lamia. Mabey I can exploit the empire, if I am chosen. Then I could save everyone from the next Red Luna, I found the pattern, every 4 years if happens. I've only seen 2. They scare me, knowing I entrust the pigs to feed me, to let me live. They hold too much power.

Far too much. The Eligitus are the worst, they believe that they are so much better then the Factus only because they were chosen.

Adventure to the Stars

They got the better life, because they had high grades, pretty faces and clothes, happier smiles. Well tell me this, how can I be happy or okay if I am alone? My parents are dead, this is my last chance, I need to be chosen. Being chosen will set me free. It's only a bite. I followed the sound of the drums, the sad and dimmly lit street lamps had sliver wires stung upon them.

They sparkled like the stars in the darkness. In the cold and lonely night. I walked alone, my shadow dragging along side me, whispering to me lucks and hope. I love my shadow, to know that I have someone there, to follow me, to comfort me. I have no brothers nor sisters, no friends. I have no attachments.

All I have left is Silver Reign or being an Eligitus.