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But Burton was unable to claim any of the wealth from his discoveries and was again disappointed in his efforts to become rich through his explorations. Item 2 volumes. First edition. With two large folding maps in volume one and a colour frontispiece in volume two and two illustrations within the text.

They then proceeded to Hyderabad, returned to Bombay, made a brief tour of Sind, then on In May they embarked for Suez and, after another sixteen days in Egypt, returned to England. About this time, Burton became increasingly interested in a story he had heard from Haji Wali, an old friend on the Mecca pilgrimage.

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Wali had maintained that he had once found gold in a wadi on the eastern shores of the Red Sea in the land known in ancient times as Midian. During his few days in Egypt in May , Burton tried to seek out Haji Wali but, being unsuccessful, returned to England. Burton had requested an audience with the khedive, Ismail I, to develop his interest in Midian gold, but it was only in March that the khedive eventually responded, by which time Burton was on a tour of Austria.

In Cairo, Burton actually managed to locate Haji Wali, now an old man of eighty-two, and after some deliberation the khedive gave his blessing to the venture.

Three Egyptian officers and a French mining engineer joined the expedition, as well as a steamer named "Sinnar". The expedition spent three weeks on the northeastern coasts of the Red Sea, but after such a long period tewnty-four years Haji Wali was not at all certain precisely where he had found gold.

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Although the country was found to be rich in other metals, and a little gold was found on the Jebel al Abyab, inland from Sharmah, the expedition was a failure. Burton returned to Cairo with boxes of stone and gravel, none of which contained much gold, but his arrival was overshadowed by the confusion which had followed Russia's declaration of war on Turkey. Burton remained in Egypt for a few days then took ship to Trieste, arriving on After wandering restlessly through southern Europe, Burton sailed from Trieste on The khedive had now run seriously short of money to pay his officers and civil servants, and he looked to Burton's enterprise as a means towards replenishing the coffers.

After some delay, Burton, accompanied by a hundred men, sailed from Suez on Thirty quarrymen collected a ton of stone, brought it back to the coast, crushed and washed it, but found no gold. In January the expedition moved into new territory looking or other minerals, and in February ventured into Al Hisma, behind the coastal mountains, but conflict with local tribesmen caused the party to retreat to the coast.

Burton returned to the coast on The six tons of rock extracted by the expedition were taken to Cairo by special train which broke down and caught fire three times , and an exhibition of the results of the enterprise was displayed in Cairo. A report of the geographical discoveries were presented to the khedive, and in July the Burtons returned to England.

Burton went back to Egypt in January , but about May returned to Trieste and his mountain retreat at Opicina. Cameron and the Burtons then went to Trieste, from where Cameron sailed to England to gather his equipment. They reached Axim on While Cameron surveyed the concessions, Burton dealt with the tribal chiefs and settled the legal claims.

The two men met up again at Madeira on Burton would undertake no further expeditions outside Europe. His last years were spent with his wife commuting between London and other European capitals and, when not on the move, residing mainly in Trieste. For much of this time Burton worked on his translation of "The Arabian Nights", publishing the first ten volumes privately between and , and a further six supplemental volumes between and Isabel, who always had some misgivings about the rather bold nature of the material, mailed no less than 34, circulars to potential subscribers.

An expurgated edition, titled "Lady Burton's Edition of her Husband's Arabian Nights", was published for more general consumption in During his last days Burton worked on an enlarged translation of an Arabic book on sexual intercourse called "The Scented Garden". Immediately following his death, Isabel burned his diaries and current manuscripts, and in published a 2-volume account of his life, depicting him as a faithful husband and a wronged and misunderstood adventurer. Rebuffed as unfit to be buried in Westminster Abbey with Livingstone, Burton was interred under a marble Arab tent in the Catholic cemetery at Mortlake, London.

Burton, Richard Francis, Scinde: or the unhappy valley London , 2 vols. Burton, Richard Francis, The guide-book. A pictorial pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina London [a guide book to an exhibition of paintings, etc.

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In Nov. He headed out despite a stated warning from the Foreign Office that he not travel to foreign countries for commercial or political purposes. Burton was to receive a percentage of the profits gained from any gold discovered. Cameron was the surveyor on the team. Burton became embroiled in disputes with the Foreign Office and was forced to not only leave the Gold Coast, but also to forfeit all moneys which he had earned thus far in the project.

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